11 Safest Free Email Accounts

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Safety and security are top of mind these days, especially when it comes to ensuring privacy with email accounts. If you are interested in opening a free email account, you may be wondering which providers are the safest to use, given the vast array of options.

In order to decide which provider to go with, you must understand the types of safety measures these providers use to maximize security for account holders. Some of these features are embedded in their coding, while others require action from the users. Read on for the 11 safest free email accounts.

ProtonMail is a Leading Secure Email Provider

ProtonMail is one of the most popular choices among those looking for secure private email. Given the company's extensive security measures in protecting and securing user data contents, this is one of your best options for a safe and free email account.

While by no means exhaustive, here are some of the key features that make ProtonMail an optimal choice for those looking to maximize security:

  • Based in Switzerland – with some of the best privacy protections worldwide as covered by the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act (DPA), they will never store your IP address or other personal data
  • Open-source cryptography – encryption and web interface have been audited by professionals who can ensure the security is robust
  • PGP compatibility – this allows for full, end-to-end encryption capabilities
  • Secure server storage – servers are physically secured so deep underground that there is virtually no possibility of data loss; servers hold all encrypted emails at rest
  • Zero access / zero-knowledge – this system is such that the servers themselves and the technicians that work with them have zero ability to review or distribute your emails

Some users acknowledge that the applications and web interface can feel outdated, but overall, this is one of the best and most secure email providers you can choose.

Tutanota is a Strong Rival to ProtonMail

Tutanota is another extremely robust and popular choice for secure private email. This and ProtonMail are likely the most preferred choices for those looking for highly secure email accounts. Some of the many things that make Tutanota a highly robust platform and solid choice include:

  • AES and RSA compatibility – this allows for full, end-to-end encryption; RSA, in particular, provides additional security by using both symmetric and asymmetric keys
  • Notes and calendar tools – these are both as secure as email since these tools are also encrypted; this allows users to combine tasks and stay organized while continuing to ensure adequate security
  • Open-source – as with ProtonMail, Tutanota is also open-source, which allows for constant review and ensures optimal security
  • Strong SSL certificate – this is ideal because it protects valuable server data
  • Two-factor authentication – adds another layer of authentication to ensure that users are protected

These are just some of the many features that make Tutanota a top choice for people who want to maximize their email security.

Mailfence is Very Customizable

Mailfence is a Belgium-based company that was launched in 2013. It is highly customizable given the variety of user options and ways to integrate email with other related features. Some of Mailfence's key features include:

  • Based in Belgium – servers are located in Belgium, which is one of the best places to protect user privacy since investigative requests require court approval
  • Digital signing option – allows for confirmation of the sender's identity
  • Many extra features – in addition to emails, users can use the platform for contacts, calendars, and document storage with easy syncing from other devices
  • PGP compatibility – this allows for end-to-end encryption, and the system can even support RSA or ECC encryption
  • "Shared secrete password" option – learning PGP is complex, so users can opt for a shared password system and begin sending secured emails immediately

Mailfence's main drawback relative to ProtonMail and Tutanota is that it does store some information about users, including the metadata and IP address, since this is a requirement of Belgian law. However, you can rest assured that the contents of your emails are protected given the robust encryption capabilities.

Mailbox.org is Mature and Offers Massive Storage

Mailbox.org was founded in 2014 and is based in Germany. The company has roots back to 1989 related to its founder, Peer Heinlein. As such, the company has stood the test of time and is quite mature. Some of the many benefits of using Mailbox.org include:

  • Ad-free – users do not need to deal with pesky advertisements when trying to send and receive messages
  • Based in Germany – the country has favorable privacy laws, and the company is funded privately, which is even better for ensuring quality
  • Integration – the email offering can be securely integrated with other features like calendar, cloud storage, and contacts
  • PGP compatibility – allows for end-to-end encryption and is compatible with non-mailbox.org recipients
  • Significant storage capacity – users can purchase up to 100 GB of mail storage and 2 TB cloud storage, which is significantly more than any other alternative platforms
  • SSL/TLS encryption and PGP compatibility – these all ensure that emails are sent securely with end-to-end encryption

Of important note, users new to Mailbox.org will be able to try the platform free for the first 30 days. Beyond that, they will need to pay, but users can choose the amount of storage they want and use pre-paid credit to have greater control over what they are buying.

Hushmail Offers an Easily-Navigable Experience

Hushmail is a Canadian-based secure email service provider that has been operating since 1999. In addition to providing great security measures, the company has a great aesthetic that is easy for users to understand and navigate.

Some of its key offerings include:

  • IMAP and POP support – allows you to use the email platform with third party clients and avoid issues with Java
  • PGP compatibility – allows for full end-to-end encryption
  • Variety of domains – there are several domains for users to choose from, like: @hushmail.com, @hush.com, @mac.hush.com, and more

One of the main drawbacks is that the storage is quite minimal. Hence, users need to be okay with deleting emails regularly and understand that large attachments will probably not be sent and received successfully.

Also, Canada is not known for having the best privacy protections, but the contents of the emails are always protected given the end-to-end encryption capabilities. It is, therefore, not as highly secure as some of the other options given the features and locale but still a great option.

Zoho Mail is extremely underrated, and this is largely because of its popularity with business clients. However, it is a great option for individuals alike. The interface has a modern and intuitive design, making it one of the easiest email applications to use. Here are some of its key features:

  • CRM integration – the mail hosting is integrated with a CRM application to help clients manage sales; this is one of the reasons why the platform is so popular among businesses
  • End-to-end encryption – ensures the security of emails as they are sent between users
  • Malware and spam protection – this prevents server and network damage, as well as unsolicited messages
  • Secure data centers – these require biometric authentication, which creates a very secure system
  • SSL compatibility – this prevents disruptions to communications between email clients so that data is not intercepted when emails are sent
  • Two-factor authentication – requires multiple layers of user verification to ensure maximum security
  • Zoho applications – these include things like calendar, notes, and chatting, all of which can be integrated with email

Of note, Zoho Mail does have certain data centers located in China and the United States. So while end-to-end encryption does protect the content of the emails themselves, there are fewer degrees of privacy than you might find with other companies such as those based in Europe.

CounterMail Takes Significant Security Measures

CounterMail is a Sweden-based company that has been providing secure email services since 2008. And they are one of the most secure options out there. Some of the many security measures the company has taken include:

  • Man-in-the-middle (MITM) attack protection – prevents interceptions and cyberattacks by using AES and RSA algorithms with the SSL layer
  • Password manager – this is a built-in program called Safebox, which is protected with an entirely separate password
  • PGP encryption – this industry-standard offering allows for end-to-end encryption when users send and receive emails
  • RAM-only servers – this means the servers do not store anything
  • Two-factor authentication – you can use a USB or one-time password with a third party verification app

Like some of the other email providers, CounterMail offers a free trial period but requires users to pay after the period ends. However, users can choose an anonymous payment option if they decide on this route.

It is important to note that Sweden is a Fourteen Eyes country, so users that are ultra-concerned about security need to understand that a portion of their data could be shared. However, as is the case with other similar providers, end-to-end encryption protects the contents of the emails.

NOTE: "Fourteen Eyes" is a surveillance alliance among 14 countries, including Sweden, that coordinates the exchange of military signals intelligence

StartMail is Optimal for Desktop Users

StartMail is a Netherlands-based secure email provider. While you might not have heard of the company, you may have heard of startpage.com, which is a related search engine that does not track user data. As you can probably guess, these similar principles apply to the SmartMail email platform itself.

StartMail is a great option for people who do not frequently use web applications or, said differently, operate primarily on a desktop. The company does not have any associated web applications to allow users to access email remotely. However, there are many great features:

  • Burner emails work well – it is very easy to add aliases, so this is great if you simply want an email account for formality purposes related to other tasks rather than as a primary mode of email exchange
  • PGP compatibility – while good for security, this only provides encryption on the server-side, so it is not truly "end-to-end"
  • Two-factor authentication – users can choose to add this capability to enhance security, especially if a password has been stolen

Similar to some of the other platforms mentioned, this system does not offer long-term free service, but you can sign up for a free 30-day trial and try out the system to see if you like it.

GMX is a Key Competitor to Gmail

GMX, short for Global Mail Exchange, is one of the lesser-known secure email providers. The company has been operating since 1997 and is becoming a key rival to Gmail for free email service given that they are configured similarly.

While the company does not have as many airtight security measures compared to some of the providers described previously, it still does have robust user protections and many security benefits:

  • Easy access through applications – the platform works on both iOS and Android mobile applications, so users can easily manage their emails
  • Free calendar services – users can integrate their emails and calendars for an efficient and organized workspace
  • Multiple account options – users can create up to ten free email accounts if they so choose
  • TLS / SSL encryption – this encryption protects emails as they are sent between users
  • Virus and spam protection – this prevents unwanted emails and various breaches that may be harmful to user systems and networks

Of important note, GMX is a free advertising-supported email service, which is one of the reasons it is a primary competitor to Gmail. However, these advertisements tend to be less invasive, as you would find on many other platforms.

Outlook is Ideal for Windows Customers

Outlook is one of the most popular general email forums, as it has more than 400 million users. Outlook is the current name of the email service provided by Microsoft, hence why the email platform is ideal for Windows customers. The platform was formerly named Hotmail.

As a main alternative to using Gmail, Outlook offers customers a highly integrated system and easy account management. Here are some of the primary highlights:

  • Built-in spam filters – this allows users to avoid unwanted messages that may also contain phishing links or other content that can put your computer's security and your personal data at risk
  • Encryption compatibility – Outlook can encrypt email if the sender and recipient both have mail applications that support S/MIME; also, if users have Microsoft 365 Message Encryption, they can send encrypted emails
  • Extensive functionality – in addition to email, Outlook offers calendar, notes, contact and task management, and more to create a full suite of solutions for its customers
  • Microsoft authentication app or two-factor authentication – users can simply log in using this integrated app, rather than having to manually type their password each time they try to access their email; users can also opt for two-factor authentication to bolster security concerning logins

While Outlook is not the most secure free email source, at least compared to some of the other options on this list, there is a reason why it has been and continues to be so popular today. With Microsoft's reputation, robust security measures, and a full suite of integrated functionality, this is a great choice.

Gmail Dominates with Accessibility

Gmail is the most popular general email provider by far, with over 1 billion active monthly users worldwide. One of the biggest reasons it is so popular is that it can be accessed on basically every internet-enabled device, has several different applications, and has many different features.

Security-wise, many people worry about data protection. And while it does not necessarily have security measures that make it the absolute safest for users, there are a number of solid features, both inherent and user-enabled, that can help users feel safe when sending and receiving emails. Some highlights include:

  • Action without opening – this means you can take certain actions like opening attachments, viewing attachments, and snoozing messages without actually opening email; this is a great safety measure because users can activate viruses simply by opening emails
  • Automatic phishing blocks – Gmail automatically blocks any phishing attempts that might put user data at risk, as users often click on these links unknowingly
  • Extensive functionality – Gmail users can take advantage of a multitude of other integrated features like chats, meetings, and more
  • Two-factor authentication – this is done with a basic password as well as a unique verification code that is sent to your phone in order to facilitate account access
  • TLS encryption – data is encrypted during transfer, and your emails are protected when they are at rest

Given the similarities between Gmail and Outlook, many people often wonder which is safer. Really, the answer is that there is no right answer. Both take similar security measures to protect client data, so the better way to differentiate these is probably based on interface and features.


While we have provided some of the best free secure email providers, this list is by no means exhaustive for all the options out there. The decision of which is right for you ultimately comes down to things like how much safety and security you want, the purpose of your email account, and other feature preferences.

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