5 Steps To Deleting Your Child’s Snapchat Account

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Snapchat is one of the most popular social media apps for kids and teens these days. While it can be a great tool to use, it is also easy for your child to act inappropriately on this site with their friends, so it’s good to know how to delete your child’s Snapchat account in case you need to.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the steps parents can take to help shut down a snapchat account and why it is important to discuss online safety with your children before they ever use this account.

How to Delete Your Child’s Snapchat Account

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In some instances, you may have the username and password for your child’s Snapchat account. If you do have this information, you can get on and delete the account on your own without having to wait or go through more steps.

If you have the log-in information for the account, it is simple to turn it off. You can just:

  • Open Snapchat accounts portal
  • Use the log-in information that you have
  • Click on Manage My Account
  • Click on Delete My Account
  • Re-enter the username and password again and click continue
  • Wait 30 days

The account will not delete right away. Snapchat will give you 30 days before the account is completely deleted. This gives you time to change your mind and turn the account back on if you choose.

During this time, most of the information for the Snapchat account will be available. The account is there but no one will be able to interact with it. You will then get an email in one month when the account is gone permanently. If you do not want your child getting onto Snapchat, make sure that you delete the app during this time as well.

Read more about this on Snapchat's support article.

Deleting Your Child’s Snapchat Account Without Log-In Information

Let’s assume that you know your child has a Snapchat account, but you do not know the password or any other information about it. There are still a few steps you can take as the parent to help delete the account.

Head to Snapchat Support

Without the password, you need to head to the support side of Snapchat to get the account deleted.

Person talking on the phone

In order to initiate a request for account deletion with Snapchat support, you need:

  • The name of the person on the account
  • Information about why the account needs to be deleted

The form is pretty simple, and it is the same one that is used if someone passes away or for other safety and security reasons on Snapchat. You can choose the reason for closing the account while filling out the form.

Fill Out the Form with Proper Info

To delete the account using this method, you will need to fill out the form present on the Snapchat Support page. The form is simple to use and you can go through it step by step, but we will go over it in more detail below.

When you get to the form, there are a few options to choose from. You can ignore the other and simply choose the option that is for parents.

As the parent, you can choose to close the account because:

  • Something inappropriate was put on the story
  • For the safety of someone
  • The person is under the age of 13
  • You do not want your child to have an account

Choose one of these to work with when telling Snapchat why the account should be closed in the first place. Not filling this out will slow the process down.

Add In More Information for Snapchat to Use

After answering that question, it is time to add in the rest of the necessary information.

You will need information such as:

  • The username of the account you want to delete
  • Your age
  • Your email address
  • Your name

There is also a comment box at the bottom that you can choose to fill out to help explain your case and get the account closed faster. We recommend doing so, as the more information you add to this comment section, the easier it is to get your case solved with Snapchat.

Submit the Deletion Request to Snapchat Support

Take some time to fill out the form completely. The more information in place, the easier it is to get the account closed down. You need to wait for an email response before the account is closed. Snapchat does not have a timeline for how long it takes to hear back.

You will just need to check the email you provided until you hear a response. If they do need some more documentation from you before closing the account, they will get in contact. If it has been quite a bit of time since you submitted the request, you may want to fill out the form again.

Can I Monitor My Child’s Snapchat Account?

Surveillance sign on wall

It is possible for the parents to monitor their child’s snapchat account and it is a good idea for you to utilize these tools. There are a few unique features that come with Snapchat that help parents protect the accounts of their children.

There are two main parental controls in Snapchat you should know about:

  • Setting the account to private so only certain people will see it.
  • A filter for the content shown on the page

Even though some of these features are available on Snapchat, there are ways for your child to get around them and still do what they want. Open communication with your children and setting good ground rules for using Snapchat can help.

The best way to protect your child online is to teach them about online safety. Let them know the dangers of talking to people they do not know online and some of the long-term ramifications of their actions online if they are not careful. Crafty kids can always get around blocks, so they need to know why the blocks are there in the first place.

Apps for Parents to Monitor Snapchat

Another method to use to help monitor the way your child uses Snapchat is through different apps. These are mainly parental control software options that are useful for many social media accounts, including Snapchat.

Here’s the best 3rd party apps to monitor your child’s Snapchat:

  • Bark: This one works on 24 platforms and can monitor private messages on Snapchat, but only text.
  • Spyzie: This one allows parents to log-in on their kid’s account remotely if needed. It captures screenshots and other information to help you see what is going on.
  • WebWatcher: Looks for inappropriate behavior on social media.
  • mSpy: This allows parents to access content on Snapchat, even deleted content.
  • KidLogger: This allows a parent to look over messages on Snapchat, even when those messages are deleted.

If you are concerned about the behavior your child has on Snapchat, then using one of these apps or another similar software can help you gain more access and see what is going on. Let your child know that you plan to use these apps to help keep them safe online.

Keeping Kids Safe Online

Parent and kid in front of laptop

Online safety for our kids is more important now than ever before. So many kids get on and may participate in inappropriate behavior, especially with strangers, without realizing the ramifications of what they are doing.

By monitoring their online activity and teaching your children about being safe when they are online, you can make Snapchat a much safer place for them. And if you are worried about some of the behavior that is happening on your child’s Snapchat, then follow the steps above to finally delete the account.

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