Which Password Manager is Easiest to Use? This One!

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Working from home is becoming a viable trend in more and more industries. As a result, the need to protect the companies you work for and your computer’s integrity against hacking and sabotage has increased exponentially. Having a password manager will keep all this information, and your identity, protected.

One of the easiest password managers to use is NordPass. NordPass is a password manager created by the company that produces NordVPN, a virtual private network that protects your privacy. It is an easy to use application that can be run from several different phones and computers.

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A password manager can be a bit technical for those who don’t have any experience working with computers or mobile devices. Try not to stress over it! Keep reading and get to know the unique features and options for NordPass and why it is an excellent password manager to use.

How NordPass Works

The number of webpages and services that require a login and password grows every day. Each time you want to try a new music streaming service or the latest app, there has to be a new registration. These registrations could mean different passwords and usernames for each. Unless you have a perfect memory, you will need some help remembering these passwords, and NordPass is one of the best options available.

The company that created NordPass, NordVPN, produces several items that can be used to protect the sensitive data on your machines from attack. NordLocker was one of their first developments and the start of data privacy products on the market.

Over the years, the development of NordPass began due to the demand for a password protection and encryption service. NordPass is an easy way to protect and share data across multiple platforms and even offline.

NordPass takes the saved usernames and passwords in your browser history and remembers them, so you do not have to memorize or keep track of them. You can choose the number of characters you want your password to have, and NordPass will generate a strong password. Upon completion of sign-up, NordPass sends you two passwords, an original and a backup, that guard your sensitive items.

NordPass Features

NordPass has some of the best features available in the password manager program market. Apart from being free with unlimited password storage, NordPass is simple and easy to use for any customer. In short, NordPass’s features set it apart from other password management applications.

NordPass has many features that make it the easiest to use among password managers:

  • Quick upload of a previous password manager’s data – Import data from your browser and other password managers.
  • Rolodex-type information - If you are using the manager, it also allows you to store personal information that can be quickly added to emails or correspondence.
  • Offline operation modes - With other password managers, you must be connected to their server via the internet to retrieve the info you need. With NordPass, you control all your information and only need power to run the app to get the passwords you need.
  • Biometric identification system - Like the thumbprint identification mode on your phone, NordPass can also be accessed with thumb or facial recognition.
  • Easy to use organization - The folder system with NordPass makes it easy to separate passwords and organize them by web page type. This organization comes in handy if you have several different accounts on the family setting of the app.
  • Secure Notes for other sensitive information - Inside the application is a Secure Notes section that only you can access. This section is a place to store anything you have of value in text form.
  • Password health checks - Another great feature of the program is its ability to check your passwords’ durability to see if they can be broken easily. That means that you can replace the ones that aren’t as strong as others.
  • Multiple layers of security – Security is audited by a third-party vendor to ensure safety and identify areas for improvement. Only you have access to your passwords; no employees can see them.

NordPass Pros and Cons

As with any product on the market, there are advantages and disadvantages to NordPass. The best features NordPass offer are its ease of use and availability. It is available on all devices, no matter the operating system, and only requires a few clicks to save and store your usernames and passwords.

However, one of its less than stellar traits is its simplicity; NordPass gives you bare-bones password management.

There are quite a few advantages of using NordPass to keep your passwords secure:

  • Straightforward application – NordPass has a streamlined user experience that places all your passwords and sensitive information at your fingertips.
  • More than just passwords – NordPass saves other user information, like addresses, credit cards and phone numbers.
  • Affordable pricing options – NordPass costs much less than other password management systems. They offer an extensive free option, as well as premium and family plans.
  • Install on multiple devices – NordPass allows you to connect to up to six devices with a premium account. This is a handy feature for someone who works on different devices throughout the day.
  • Easy to share with family or coworkers – NordPass does not have a business version of their app; however, they have a feature that allows transferring between accounts and vault usage. This allows a team to swap information back and forth without jeopardizing their privacy.
  • Unparalleled support – NordPass provides chat and phone support within 24 hours of an issue being reported and often has the problems diagnosed within the first hour.

While NordPass is a program that rates very high in usability and customer satisfaction, it falls short in a few other categories. Since NordPass is designed to be simple, it is missing some features that are present in other password managers.

There are a few disadvantages of using NordPass to consider when selecting it as your password manager:

  • Stores only so much private information – Passwords, credit cards, and secure notes are about the limit of what NordPass can collect and save.
  • Lacks automatic password changer – Other password managers can automatically update passwords when they expire for different websites.
  • Limited Usability – There are only three main features of this product: save, store, and share. It does offer a generous free plan, but overall, it doesn’t go above and beyond.
  • Limited number of devices – NordPass only allows up to six devices to be logged in to your account at a time. With the free version, you can only be logged in on one device at a time.


Using NordPass as a password manager is something that every person should consider. Not only does using NordPass allow you to access all your sites and apps with ease, but it also protects your privacy and secures your data. It is available on all platforms and can be used on multiple devices.

NordPass is an inexpensive option that outperforms higher-priced options with grace and ease. You cannot beat the program’s price and simplicity. Investing in NordPass as your password management system is sure to save money in the long run compared to losses incurred by identity theft or data mining.

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