7 Steps to Adding Parental Controls on a Samsung Tablet

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If you have children, you know how serious online safety is. In a world full of true crime interest and endless sources giving us a look into all of the dangers that can come from the internet, parents have even more to be terrified of.

It is not only predators you have to be wary of when your children are on the internet but also the content they can be subjected to. There is crime, violence, sexual content, etc., along with the many ways in which you can purchase just about anything you want quickly and discreetly.

Does Samsung Have Parental Controls?

If your child has access to any type of device, including a Samsung tablet, you probably want the ability to keep that device free of inappropriate content.

Fortunately, Samsung does offer parental controls on their tablets, so you can now make sure your child can access the internet safely to do their homework, play games, or chat with their friends.

7 Steps to Adding Parental Controls on a Samsung Tablet

If you own a Samsung tablet and want to set up the parental control feature, follow the simple steps below. Enabling the parental controls will allow your child to play on your tablet without you having to watch over their shoulder constantly or worry about what they may end up getting into.

  1. Turn on the device and go into the google play store app.
  2. In the left corner on the top portion of the screen, press the menu button.
  3. Once the menu opens, locate and press the settings button.
  4. In the settings menu, locate the parental control button and press on it.
  5. Turn the switch to the on position to set up the account.
  6. Once in the control settings, you will be asked to create a PIN; pick something your kids will not be able to guess and something you won’t easily forget.
  7. Here you can access what you want to be filtered and blocked from your children’s devices and how you would like them blocked.

What Does Samsung’s Parental Controls Do?

The parental control on the Samsung tablets controls almost everything your child does with their device. It can limit screen time, manages apps and purchases, and filter everything your children access.

The way Samsung parental controls work depends on the app you are trying to filter or block. You will want to go through each separately to secure the information you feel is inappropriate for your child.

App and Games

When it comes to apps and games, you can choose the highest content rating you want your children to access through the parental control settings. It is important to remember that this setting will not remove any previous games already downloaded to the tablet before it was enabled.

It’s also important to note that parental controls will still allow your child to click on the tab for each game but direct them to the app store, blocking them from downloading it.


With parental controls, you can only filter songs available through the music apps used. Any song rated “Explicit” will not be available for download, but the previously downloaded song will remain on the tablet, and searched results will still be accessible.

Note: Google music is going to be discontinued starting in August 2021. All music previously downloaded will need to be transferred to YouTube, and no new music will be available for purchase.


For parental controls on movies that can be downloaded and watched on the Samsung tablet, you will have to set the highest rating that you are okay with your child accessing from the below options:

  • TV-G
  • TV-PG
  • TV-14
  • TV-MA
  • R
  • X

Note: Your child will not be able to download these through the google store or movie app; however, parental restrictions do not apply to movies searched for through a browser.


You can control which ratings are okay for your child to view while watching Google TV through the parental app. This control setting will restrict previously downloaded shows, and you will only be able to view them again if the parental controls are shut off.


This parental control feature will filter most books with adult content; however, there is a chance that some books with sexually explicit content will be available.

Teaching Your Children About Internet Safety

Aside from the parental control feature on the Samsung device, there are many apps available for download to help protect your children from the dangers on the web. However, none of these controls is 100% secure, and your child could still bypass them or access the internet somewhere else.

Because the internet can be such a dangerous place, the best way to protect your child is to teach them about internet safety. Have a serious talk with them about the importance of keeping their information private and hot be careful of predators and scams.

You can keep your children sheltered from content accessible through their tablets, but you cannot shelter them from what’s out in the world. Teaching them about the dangers and how to keep themselves protected and out of trouble will be the best way to keep your child safe.

Top 10 Internet Safety Tips to Talk with Your Children About

Talking to kids about internet safety can be extremely complicated. Kids (especially teens) tend to believe they are invincible, or they know everything, and it can be hard to get them to understand.

However, this is a battle that is worth the fight, so here are ten internet safety tips you should discuss with your child ASAP:

  1. Not everyone is your friend. You do not need to accept all friend requests or invites just to have a high volume of friends.
  2. Keep your privacy settings on. Not everyone needs to see all of your posts and what you are doing all day long.
  3. Keep your private information private. Never give out any personal information no matter how long you have been talking to a person or how well you think you know them.
  4. Create a difficult password. Never give out your password to friends, and make sure your password would be difficult for anyone to guess.
  5. Be mindful of what you post. Taking a picture of yourself in front of your high school talking about being happy the day is over gives predators knowledge of your location.
  6. Do not trust strangers you meet online. Technology has made it easy for predators to trick you into thinking they are someone they are not.
  7. Do not meet up with strangers you meet online. Never meet up with someone you met online, and if you do, never do it alone or in a private location.
  8. Only order products off of well-known, secure sites. Fake sellers can easily scam you.
  9. Have antivirus software on your devices. Your personal information can be stolen easily without antivirus and antimalware software installed.
  10. Keep a secure connection. Never put any private information into a public computer or public internet server.


Using a parental block is a great way to keep an eye on what your children can access on their tablets and limit the amount of inappropriate and potentially dangerous content available. It can also help you set limits on their screen time and stop expensive app purchases.

These controls, along with a great conversation, are all you need to keep your children safe from online dangers.

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