Is There A Way to See Old Facebook Passwords? (We Find Out)

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Once in a while, we all forget our passwords to different sites and accounts. Forgetting passwords is frustrating, but there is often a way to solve the issue. But when it comes to Facebook, is there any way that you can see your old password?

If you forget your Facebook password, it is possible to recover your account. However, this will involve setting a new password rather than returning to an old one. Generally, Facebook will not share your old passwords because they store them in a format that is unreadable.

While seeing an old password is not at all possible, there are some simple ways to get back into your Facebook account. In this article, we’ll tell you why you can’t see your old Facebook passwords. Then, we will show you a few of the best methods to get back into your account.

Why You Can’t See Your Old Password

Passwords are a matter of security. As such, all reputable sites that collect passwords go to great lengths to protect them. Password security keeps you safe online and helps Facebook build trust with its user community. The importance of that vital protection is the reason that it is not possible for you to see one of your old Facebook passwords.

As it turns out, Facebook is not only unwilling to share your password with you or anyone else. They are also unable to do so even if they wanted to.

It is not surprising that Facebook is not willing to share passwords to maintain your security. But what you might not know is that Facebook’s password storage system makes it so that even Facebook employees cannot read your password.

Readable vs. Unreadable Passwords Formats

The reason that Facebook has no capacity to send you your old passwords is that they store them in a format that a human cannot read. When you create a Facebook password, you enter plain text into the Facebook site. Then Facebook’s algorithms translate and store the plain text as indecipherable computer codes.

In theory, this unreadable password storage system would mean that all Facebook passwords would be completely secure. However, there have been instances where this system has failed. Still, this storage method means that there is no way for you to see your old passwords.

Since it is not possible to see old passwords, how can you go about getting back into your account?  To overcome that obstacle, there are a few practical tactics.

Getting Back into Your Facebook Account

A recent study found that more than 75% of people have forgotten one of their passwords in the last 90 days. Fortunately for you, the prevalence of this issue means that regaining access to online accounts is easy. Here are three ways that you can do just that when you forget your Facebook password:

  • Follow Facebook’s suggestions
  • Use your Gmail account
  • Check passwords saved in your browser

Each of those approaches can be equally effective in regaining your access to your Facebook account. In the sections that follow, we’ll show you what each one involves.

What Facebook Suggests Your Do

There are two main ways that Facebook suggests that you deal with a forgotten password. The one you choose depends on whether you are currently logged into your account.

If you are logged into your account, you should navigate to your account settings and find the “Change Password” option. Then you will have the chance to select the option indicating that you have forgotten your password.

If you are logged out, you should simply go to the Facebook login page. This time, rather than logging in, you will select the same option for a forgotten password.

In either case, the process is the same. Facebook will prompt you to select your mobile phone or your email address as a means of communication. Through one of those avenues, Facebook will guide you through the process of establishing a new password.

What if You Don’t Have An Email Address or Phone?

As you may have noticed in the previous section, Facebook’s password reset suggestions rely on the assumption that you have access to the email or phone associated with your account. Unfortunately for some, that is not always the case.

For those in that situation, your options are somewhat limited. Your best bet is to see if you have previously created an alternative email address or phone number for your Facebook account. If not, you will likely need to work through an account recovery process with your email provider. After recovering access to your email account access, you can use that email account to make a new Facebook password.

How Can I Recover My Facebook Account Using Gmail?

If you are forgetful of your passwords, it can be helpful to link your Gmail account to your Facebook account. By linking your account, you make it much easier for you to log in.

The best way to link your account is through your Facebook account settings. There you will find an option to connect your Facebook account to an existing Gmail account.

Once your Gmail account and your Facebook account are linked, you will be logged into both accounts any time you log into one or another. So, if you ever struggle to log into your Facebook account directly, you can just log into your Gmail account.

Viewing Saved Passwords in Your Web Browser

There is another way that you can access your Facebook password when you have forgotten it. This method is only possible if you opt to have your browser save your login information for the sites your visit.

When your browser saves your passwords, it makes it more convenient to access your favorite online places. But it also helps you if you have misplaced your passwords. If you elect to have your browser save login information, it will store it in a place that you can access.

The methods for viewing saved passwords vary depending on the type of browser you use. But regardless, this is one of the fastest ways to figure out your Facebook password when you have forgotten it.

Why is Password Security So Important?

The lengths to which Facebook goes to keep your passwords unreadable may seem excessive, but that is not at all the case. In fact, password security is extremely important to your online safety. With that being the case, Facebook and other major social media platforms work to store passwords in a way that gives you peace of mind.

Without password protection, it would be much easier for other people online to see your information. You may not be too worried about people getting into your Facebook account. But if a hacker can figure out one of your passwords, they may find a way to access some of your more sensitive information.

Anyone who has had their information stolen knows how damaging that can be. That is why we are far better off with complex storage systems that force users to make new passwords each time they lose them. Otherwise, we all might be more vulnerable to malicious online users.


Chances are, you won’t be able to see your old Facebook passwords. But that does not mean your account is lost. There are a few easy ways that you can get back into your account, which will often include a new password. If you are struggling with this common issue, use the information in this article to get back on Facebook.

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