How to Block Apps On iPhone for studying

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It is impossible to get by in recent years without a cell phone. Sometimes, you want to switch off some apps for studying, but not the calling features, just in case of an emergency. Navigating midterms is difficult enough without the distraction of app notifications. Here is how to block apps on iPhone for studying.

You must go into your settings on your iPhone and open your screen time options. Select whom the device belongs to and set up your passcode. Then you will see the option to block certain apps or app categories and set downtime and screen time options for the phone or user.

When you are studying hard and suddenly get a notification for a completely distracting new daily quest available in the latest game you downloaded. Nobody likes being interrupted during an intense focus studying moment; if you want to keep those grades up and the knowledge flow uninterrupted.  It might be time to learn how to block some of those pesky apps on your iPhone to get some studying done.  If turning the phone completely off is not practical, there is a way to block certain apps for a specified period.

You Have to Use a Combination of Different Control Methods

You can easily control who contacts you and at what time they can contact you through the device settings on your iPhone. These settings are designed to curve addiction to cell phone experience. These updates are available for iOS twelve and above. Using different control methods is how you will create your study time profile using just your current settings.

Currently, there is no one way to block apps for study time unless you use an app that can set up custom schedules.  What you can do is set up your downtime and screen time options in a manner that will allow you to study peacefully without missing an emergency call or text. You can set up your communication preferences on the individual contact level to enable communication from family members and close friends or chosen groups.

One of the most excellent features that Apple added was the ability to track and monitor your cell phone usage. Using this data, you can tell when you use what apps and what types of apps the most. After determining what categories provide the most distractions during study time, you can limit the time on those apps to use them for the day.

You can also block apps at a specific time, prevent app store purchases and set content restrictions. Using the parental controls on the iPhone, you can block anything, including the volume settings! The control methods that Apple has developed do one of three things, allow, restrict, or prevent content and usage on the device. You can also set up a family share if you want to set up study time profiles for family members.

Your iPhone will Allow Access to Apps and Features

Apple allows you to switch off or on specific built-in apps and features. The “allow” control method does not allow for scheduled access to an app or feature of the phone. The built-in apps and features can be turned on or off without deleting the app. The app will still be installed, but you will need to switch it back on from here to use the app or feature every time you want to change the access level.

How to Allow Built-In Apps and Features

While you are inside your screen time settings, you need to tap the allowed apps button. You will be shown a list with a switch at the end of each option.  Select the apps that you want to allow to be used and shown on your home screen. This feature is for built-in apps and features, not iTunes or third-party apps.  You cannot currently disallow third-party apps, but you can limit their usage during study time in your screen time settings.

You can Allow Changes to Specific Settings and Features

Apple allows you to control the flow of information between third-party apps as well as account access. Once you set the settings up for some of the features, you can either choose to allow changes or not allow changes to those set features. You can choose to allow a specific volume limit on your phone for a quiet library study or choose to allow a user to make any changes to feature sets such as account settings.

How to Allow Changes to Your Privacy Settings

Under the same menu as your screen time settings, you want to select your privacy settings. Here you can choose to allow or not allow apps to have access to specific privacy settings. Even if you decide that an outside app is a better solution, it does not hurt to limit the app’s permission to what features you use or do not use.

Some of the most prominent selections include:

  1. Location settings
  2. Contacts
  3. Calendars
  4. Photos
  5. Microphone
  6. Music library access
  7. Bluetooth sharing settings

Your iPhone Can Help Prevent Undesired Activities

This content restriction method is designed to help prevent unwanted activities from occurring. It is an added security measure that either allows or does not allow a specific item or action. Whereas the allow method provides access to the app, the prevent method only adds verification steps or prevents something from occurring on an account level.

How to Prevent iTunes and App Store Purchases

You can prevent apps from being deleted or added by mistake by tapping on the iTunes and App Store purchases option under the content and privacy restrictions menu. Like the allow switch, you only have two options, authorize, or do not allow.  This menu also allows you to further restrict app purchases by requiring a password to complete the purchase to combat unauthorized purchases.

Preventing Unwanted Web Content Could not be Easier

You go into the same menu as before and select web content. You will see three options, unrestricted access, limit adult sites, allowed websites only. You can also add specific websites to a blacklist while still maintaining open access to the rest of the internet. You can also block everything and add specific websites to a whitelist, allowing access to those websites. This way, you can rest assured that you will not see any unwanted material during study time.

You can also restrict the type of rated content that is allowed on the iPhone. To do this, you want to go back to the selection menu under your content and privacy menu. Select content restrictions, and then you can change the ratings under allowed store content.

The different types of content rating you can change are:

  1. Country or regional settings (this is the media content rating system for your country)
  2. Music including music videos and profiles
  3. Movies and Television shows
  4. Books
  5. Apps

iPhones Can Restrict Almost Anything a User Would Have Access To

Restrict methods limit the use of certain features within the apple operating system. You can allow or disallow specific actions from either Siri or the game center. Family sharing will enable you to limit these options for family members that need a study profile created for them.

Restricting Siri’s web search options allow you to prevent Siri from searching the web and containing explicit language from Siri. Siri will still be able to perform other tasks that do not require any web searching.  This option does not restrict Siri from the internet; Siri needs the internet to work correctly; it only specifies Siri’s permission to do a web search when you ask a question. Siri will still be able to calculate equations that don’t require a web search.

You can also restrict the Apple game center from the content restrictions menu. You can change anything from allowing screen recording to friend invites and even online gaming access. Limiting your gaming notifications during study time can be done through Apple downtime. This section is where you would limit those pesky notifications from causing distractions during study time.

When your studying, using downtime is a great way to limit distractions while still having access to specific apps when they are needed. You can even choose which apps are allowed and not allowed during downtime. If you need to access a website for a homework assignment, you can put in a passcode and get access for a little while.

Can you Restrict Specific Apps on iPhone?

You can restrict specific apps on iPhone for a specified time using Apple’s downtime and screen time combinations. You set your downtime and then allow only so much time available for your screen time on each category. This way, if you still want access to specific categories or apps during study time, you can restrict only the categories and apps you want to be distraction-free.

Once you get to the menu under screen time that shows you your graphs and categories, select a category to see the amount of time spent on each app in that specific category. From here, you can disable apps, set time limits on categories or specific apps that are in each category.

If you want to use the app when it is not allowed, you can add screen time to the app in three intervals, fifteen minutes, one hour, and all day.  This feature is particularly convenient when studying, and you need access to an app that is not used, such as an e-mail or text message. When the timer runs out, the app is disabled again. There is no limit on how many times you can add screen time to any specific app.

Follow these instructions to add screen time to an app.

  1. Go to your home screen and select which app you want access to
  2. Select that app, and a white screen with an hourglass should appear
  3. Click on the link that says ask for more time
  4. Enter your passcode
  5. Select the time frame you wish to use the app

How to Block Apps at Specific Times

It is possible to restrict specific apps on the iPhone during study times, but you can only set up a one-time slot per 24-hour time frame to do so. Under your downtime menu is where you would set up your schedule. You want to go into settings, click on-screen time and enter your passcode. The first option you will see is labeled downtime.

Downtime allows you to set specific times that you do not want to have access to your phone. If you have a set study schedule, then downtime is a convenient and affordable way to manage your phone access during study time. Everything in downtime is put into categories; you can allow or disallow access to each item or category individually.

After you enable downtime, you can set the time to want your rest to start and end. During downtime, you will only have access to the apple dialer and any other apps that you allow. All notifications will be blocked, but you will still be able to make and receive phone calls (if you left the dialer and contacts app enabled). You can even use the app by selecting the disabled app from the home screen and adding screen time to use the app while studying.

Here is a video that shows you how to use apple downtime.

Set Up Your Family Group for More Features

Setting up a family group from your apple device is a great way to control downtime, screen time, and purchases on your family’s devices. You go into your settings menu, and you will see your name atop of the menu. You want to click on your apple id; under that menu, you will be able to change your personal information, password, and payment information.

You must have a payment card on file to use family groups. Tap the family share button and follow the directions that apple provides. Then you can invite your family to join your family group. You can only be a part of one household with one main organizer as the head of the family. The organizer can set up all the permissions for the entire family.

You can also add your family members from your device by entering their apple id and password to confirm right on your device. You can only change families once every twelve months. You can also send an e-mail or text message to the family member to invite, and they can join right from the message you sent.

If the apple device prompts for your permission to turn on share my purchases, you want to turn that feature on if it is not already on. This option is the only way you can share your app purchases on your family’s devices.

You Can Set Communication Limits for Your Contacts

Apple has a nifty feature that allows you to limit communication from contacts during specific times and allow during other times without having to allow or disallow your contacts app every time. This feature is excellent for studying as it will enable you to block everyone you do not need to speak with during study time while still giving access to your phone. You have two options, which are to limit communication any time or during downtime only.

Inside the screen time menu, select communication limits, and you will be able to set up your communication limits. If you have downtime enabled, you will need to select the “during your downtime” menu option and add your allowed contacts to your always permitted list. You would select the connection you wish to add.

Under the during screen time menu option, you would select the access level you want to contact you. Currently, the options are contacts only, groups, or everyone can contact you. Keep in mind that you will not be able to contact anyone not on your list either. If you run into the red hourglass warning message, you can only resume contacting that person after the downtime is finished. The white background hourglass allows you to enter your passcode to complete the communication.

You Can Always Find an App for That

Of course, there are several apps in the iTunes store that can help with study time. These apps perform the same actions and sometimes a few extra features as well. Each application will have its unique twist on controlling access to your phone during study time.

While each app has its benefits and features, there are a few key things to remember when looking for an app to control your usage. What is the point of an app if it does not add any value to your day? Some apps will fill the app with useless but attractive features, such as the ability to track your usage in various chart types.

When selecting a paid app, make sure to check the permissions and reviews for more information. Bad reviews can sometimes give the ultimate truth behind a specific app or experience another user had. You can get a good idea of what apps other people are using during study time in the good comments.

Some of the more critical things to look for are:

  1. Security and access permissions that match up with the intended purpose.
  2. An overabundance of ads
  3. Free version available, or trial version
  4. The ability to control and uninstall the app
  5. Custom schedules for multiple times per day
  6. Reminders
  7. The ability to allow certain apps to break through or be used
  8. The app has a few bad reviews, and those reviews are more like complaints than anything harmful.


There is not one single way to manage cell phone interruptions during study time. You must create your routines and set your schedules. Structuring your study time profile around your daily routine is the most ideal. Sometimes things are not practical for everyone, and you can go to the open market and find an app that suits your needs. It is possible to control interruptions during study time without sacrificing access to needed information.

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