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12 Characters Passwords are, as the name suggests, passwords composed of 12 characters. These characters can be anything from letters, numbers, and symbols to spaces, letters with diacritics (é, â, ï, etc.), emojis, and so on.

In this article, I will show you examples of different types of 12 character passwords, as well as ways to create your own fresh and unique passwords.

Examples of Randomly Generated 12 Characters Passwords

Randomly generated passwords are passwords that have been created automatically. They are an unreadable mix of letters, numbers, and symbols. Usually, they are created using a password generator.

A password generator is a computer program that creates passwords for you. You can choose the length and what to include (letters, numbers, symbols) and the application will create a new password for you.

Random passwords are secure because it's virtually impossible for people to guess.

Here are a few examples of 12 characters randomly generated passwords:

  • ZN#rC8reVWN^
  • mKYmXdS$Bf3$
  • S29@QQad@b&!
  • mr4V@R5t21Pg
  • HHKcaB39%FyX
  • 5ujxJhR$h6U@
  • LwHw##q54P1c
  • h^9!LDf^P&nk
  • M8smn#hnXh&E

Disclaimer: please do not use these exact passwords. As soon as a combination of characters is made public, it's useless as a password. As easy as you can copy these passwords, a hacker can, as well.

To create your own, never before seen, 12 character password, you can use NordPass password manager. It comes with a password generator and you can use it to create as many passwords as you want. Another good option is random.org's online password generator. As a general rule, however, avoid password generators on websites, since the generated passwords could be, theoretically, intercepted by a hacker.

Examples of Readable 12 Characters Passwords

Readable Passwords are a type of randomly generated passwords that you can read out loud without twisting your tongue.

They are still impossible to guess for a person and considered safe to use.

Here are some examples of 12 characters readable passwords:

  • wiyiripov*64
  • yaguvewef*97
  • danicocel*60
  • nujidevez$76
  • bagileziz@80
  • zulixexoc*95
  • yobejiwut+21
  • weguwutop*39
  • vipubiwom?85
  • kuwucoxon^12
  • tezehunal-65

Disclaimer: please do not use these exact passwords. As soon as a combination of characters is made public, it's useless as a password.

To create your own 12 characters readable password, you can use WarpConduit Computing's readable password generator.

Examples of Sentence-Type 12 Character Passwords

Sentence-Type Passwords are short sentences that you use as your password. These are not widely spread because people don't know you can use spaces in a password. In fact, you can use almost anything to create a password. Yes, even emojis 🤪

Here are a few examples of 12 characters sentence-type passwords:

  • I eat apples
  • John can run
  • Marly is sad
  • 4 ants dance
  • don't hit me
  • sky got dark
  • ask for this
  • hit the gong
  • pet the cats

Disclaimer: please do not use these exact passwords. As soon as a combination of characters is made public, it's useless as a password.

To create your own sentence-type password, you're gonna need to use your imagination. You can start with a list of short words and see what comes to mind. The hardest part is hitting the exact 12 character limit.

Examples of 12 Characters Passphrases

Similar to passwords, passphrases are a group of words that you use as a password. They are easier to remember because they are funny or seem to make some kind of sense.

Here are some examples of 12 characters passphrases:

  • fame tighten
  • imaginarypet
  • cosmic laugh
  • hobocarousel
  • neon.funeral
  • fluffy_mecha
  • voidsprinkle
  • mulletcannon
  • piesacrifice
  • liquidnapkin
  • triple helix
  • ping-quartet
  • infernalyoyo
  • deathgiggles

Disclaimer: please do not use these exact passwords. As soon as a combination of characters is made public, it's useless as a password.

Creating these passphrases is similar to creating sentence-type passwords. You can start with a list of 6 letter words and a list of 5 letter words. Pick a random one from each list, add a space or any other character between them, and voila! You have your 12 character password.

Almost always, something popular is good and safe. When it comes to passwords, this is the exact opposite! The more popular a password is, the less safe is to use it. This is because hackers have a long list of popular passwords that they use to try and hack your accounts.

Here are the most popular 12 character passwords:

  • 123qweasdzxc
  • 1qaz2wsx3edc
  • q1w2e3r4t5y6
  • 1q2w3e4r5t6y
  • qazwsxedcrfv
  • 123456qwerty
  • qwerty123456
  • qwertyqwerty
  • 123456654321
  • motherfucker
  • leavemealone
  • gfhjkmgfhjkm
  • qazwsxedc123
  • ghjcnjgfhjkm
  • zxcasdqwe123
  • ghhh47hj7649
  • sonyericsson
  • 123456789qwe
  • 1qazxsw23edc
  • masterbating
  • qwerasdfzxcv

VERY IMPORTANT: all these passwords are already used by hackers to hack accounts. If you recognize your password in this list, please change it immediately.

Best 12 Characters Passwords

The best 12 characters passwords to use are the ones no one knows. This means that I cannot give them to you. You have to create them yourself.

I recommend you use a password generator to create fresh and unique passwords for your accounts. Make sure to include numbers and symbols to make them hard to guess and compliant with website policies.

Personally, I use NordPass to generate and remember my passwords. Whenever I create a new account, it shows an option to generate a new password. Additionally, it automatically remembers the passwords you generated and you don't have to worry about remembering them.

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